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NEXT MEETING April 19, 2018

NARFE Florida Federation President Terry Zitek will speak at our meeting on April 19. His topic will be the NARFE National Officer Election and Balloting on proposed Bylaws Changes and Resolutions.

He will explain the proposed Bylaws changes and resolutions which you will vote on in the upcoming months. He has conducted an analysis of them and will share his opinions about the most important of them.

In a Commentary for Public Service Recognition Week published in the Tampa Tribune on May 10, 2012 titled “The Value of Federal Workers”, Terry Zitek wrote, in part: “I am a member of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE), a nonpartisan advocacy organization, and the President of South Tampa Chapter 0109.I proudly served this community as an assistant U.S. attorney for about 30 years until I retired in 2010. I prosecuted all sorts of crimes and did it honestly and with sound discretion.”

Terry Zitek was elected in 2016 as President of NARFE Florida, Inc. and he represents you as President of the NARFE Florida Federation of Chapters. He brings his analytical skills, experience and dedication to present to you this vital understanding of the balloting process and the proposals.

The future of NARFE may be affected by the outcome of this election and balloting. Please plan to attend this important meeting.


 NARFE's 2017 Legislative Accomplishments

The year brought many serious threats to the earned pay and benefits of the federal community and it was NARFE’s priority to defeat those attacks and advance legislative improvements. In 2017, all attempts by Congress and the president to cut the earned pay and benefits of the federal community were thwarted. This was no small feat, and NARFE thanks its members who took action to protect their earned benefits.

NARFE fought back against the $149 billion in cuts outlined in the president’s budget proposal and successfully lobbied Congress to drop the $32 billion in cuts to federal retirement benefits outlined in the House budget resolution. In addition, postal reform legislation that removes postal retirees' health insurance choice did not advance in Congress.

In the midst of all the threats, NARFE also helped provide more flexible withdrawal option for Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) participants with the passage of the TSP Modernization Act. Thank you to all the NARFE members who contacted their legislators in the past year. Find out more about NARFE’s 2017 legislative accomplishments here.

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