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NEXT MEETING: November 16, 2017


By Linda L. Braswell, 2nd Vice President and Program Chair

The 50 year old Venice Public Library on Nokomis Avenue was closed in January 2016 due to mold. Citizen reaction was swift, vocal and pointed—“We love our Library and don’t intend to lose it. “ This beloved Venice institution was honored as the Florida Library of the Year in 2012. To area residents, it’s much more than a place for checking out books. A large part of the success of the Library is the special relationship of the community with the staff. Patrons of the Library consider it a trusted place where they can connect, engage, improve and enrich their lives. The groundbreaking ceremony at the former site on October 30, 2017 honored the trust of the community. Citizen input from focus groups, workshops and community meetings held over the past year formed the decisions for building the new 24,000 square foot, state of the art facility scheduled to open in 2018. Ann Hall, the dedicated and hard- working, customer service oriented Venice Library Manager since 2006, will bring to our November 16th Luncheon Meeting information, architect drawings, plans and news of the new Library named for the donor of a $1million endowment fund, Dr. William H. Jervey, Jr., a Venice resident since 2009. See architect’s rendering below.

Meanwhile, a temporary library opened April 2016 in the Hamilton Building behind the Venice Theatre. The Library has been serving the community and will continue to do so until the new facility opens.

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